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Sustainable Living

If your love of home extends around the globe, consider these sustainability tips as you sort and stash your stuff.


Reuse. Repurpose. Readjust -but don’t replace. When choosing storage solutions, look for durable products that adapt again and again for a long lifespan. Before you buy, find out what’s inside… Does the product contain recycled materials?

Know before you go - Extra trips to the grocery store cost you time, money, fuel and frustration. Plan a menu for the week so you buy only what you need. Set up your pantry space for quick inventory so you know what you have before heading out the door. Sort by food type. Turn food labels outward. Group items often used together. Stack back to front in descending size.

Simplify cleaning - When you don’t give grime time to build up, you'll be less likely to resort to harsh chemical cleaners. Organize for light, frequent cleanings. Consider storage solutions that lift your stuff off the floor, making way for a swift sweep or speedy scrub. Use see-through baskets and hooks to keep earth-friendly cleaning supplies at the ready: microfiber cloths, spray bottles, baking soda, vinegar, lemon.


Kids Room

When it's time to de-clutter and clean, approach the child's room like any other. Take baby steps and do one thing at a time. First, skim away trash. Then, hamper dirty laundry. Move on to big stuff and fill in with parts and pieces. You don't have to be the cleaning fairy, magically whisking it all away. With your child in the room, walk through the baby steps out loud to demystify the process and invite junior to get involved.



Situate your space and your stuff on paper before lugging it around on the concrete. Map out your garage and divide it by zones: indoor-outdoor transition, household overflow, large/long/long term, everyday yard gear, and hobbies. Let the map be your guide as you sort and assign your stuff.


The minute anything but your tires hits the garage floor; it's the beginning of the end for your organization aspirations. You can mount heaps of things to the walls to spare your floor from pileups and make cleanup easy. Tug on wall systems to make sure they're stable; If it's not tight, it's not right.


Home Office

Before you plan your home office, consider everyone who will use it. Is this space exclusive to you, or does it include a spouse and children? Think about the postures they’ll assume and the stuff they’ll want to store when they bring work home, play computer games or do homework here.


Though the science of ergonomics is complex and ever-changing, you and your family can benefit from the basics. Situate desk and chair heights so that your knees, elbows and hips relax at right angles while you’re seated at the keyboard or writing area. To comfort taller or smaller family members, choose an adjustable chair, and add a footstool when needed.











Organizing tips for you to get a handle on your hectic home.